2023: The Year in Review

Miss America?s face when we told her today is spay day. 

She said it?s worth it so she doesn?t contribute anymore to pet overpopulation. 

She is available for adoption. Miss America is approximately three years old and 21 pounds. No surprise growth spurts; what you see is what you get. 

She?s a gentle girl who is kid, cat and dog friendly. 

Los Angeles

Applications at ghettorescue.org

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We want to celebrate our Collective Impact on Animal Lives in 20231 Thanks
to your generous contributions and collective efforts, we were able to make a
significant difference in the lives of countless animals in 2023

Everything we accomplished this year was made possible by your
unwavering support.
Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant. There
will always be a stray or someone’s pet out there, who needs
what we have to give.

End of year donations are important for
us to move forward, and to pay off bills
There have been times this year we
struggled, and we had to say “no” to a
rescue or situation we knew we could not afford.
Due to the pandemic, we lost many donors
who were severely affected financially. In
addition, AmazonSmile discontinued their
program, making it even harder for us to
fully recover from the impact of the past few years.

Still in 2023, we spayed and neutered 320 dogs and cats; 228
needy pets received medical care and sterilization; 72 dogs and a
few kitties were rescued and found loving forever homes. All of our
achievements are made possible by the generosity of donors.

Our goal is to expand to new areas to rescue and offer FREE
spay/neuter to people living in poverty. Many low income or
homeless folks cannot afford Veterinary care for their pets.
That does not mean that they don’t care about their animal companions.

On the contrary, we often meet people in tears trying to find
assistance for their pet. We have shared some of these stories on our
social media accounts with you.

Remember Chica and her elderly mom? Chica came to
our spay clinic but she had a heart problem and could
not have surgery. We were able to send Chica and her
mom to a specialist and get her heart medicine.

GRFF’s Loving Texas Pet Assistance program, established in 2015, provides free spay/neuter
services to low-income pet owners in Uvalde, Kerr, and Maverick counties, reducing the
number of unplanned puppies and deaths in local shelters.

Thanks to this program and our family of employees and volunteers, Leeloo and her
brother MegaPint have found their happy ending, going from starving, injured puppies barely
surviving the rural hardships of Texas to happy, playful and healthy pups with loving families
in sunny California.

This summer we were fortunate enough to be able to say
“yes” to two stray, very pregnant dogs. We wouldn’t have
been able to care for them and their litters without you.
Thank you for your support, your donations, and your
commitment to help us make a difference, one dog at a time!

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