Pet overpopulation in our country is not a pet problem as much as it is a people problem and a poverty problem. To lower the shelter euthanasia rates, we must help people keep their pets, with focus on spay and neuter.

Loving Texas Pet Assistance is a nonprofit organization believing in second chances for both pets and people. We provide services for fixed and low-income pet owners. We help with fencing, dog food, medical care and more, with our focus on spay and neuter to keep dogs out of the shelter. Loving Texas Pet Assistance works closely with shelters, local law enforcement and the community. Currently we are in Kerr, Uvalde, Medina, Maverick, Bandera, Kimble, and Edwards counties.

We decided to help in Texas where our founders and two board members are from. We are helping loving responsible people keep their pets. Loving Texas Pet Assistance is our program under our Ghetto Rescue FFoundation.

If you or a loved one is faced with giving up a pet, when circumstances threaten to keep them apart, assistance and intervention programs like this help. Keep your companion animal at home with the family he or she knows, and out of the shelter.


From our Founder

In 2015, Kermit was dumped in ditch by someone in Eagle Pass, Texas. A family found him and took him home. I received a call (in California) from the family desperately asking for help. We contacted the only local mobile Vet, but she was unable to help. We sent $100 to a man overnight to drive Kermit to Uvalde to see a Veterinarian. The Vet staff there advised us Kermit had Mountain Fever and stage four heartworms. We had him humanely put down and then we had his ashes sent to us. We think Kermit mattered. We are sad that not one person helped Kermit the Dog. He motivated me to help people with their dogs in Texas. ~ Tami Baumann

If you would like assistance, the first step is to complete an Intake Form. Please complete and submit the Intake Form online, or contact us or call and leave us a message at +1 830-201-0606 and we will mail you the Intake Form.

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