Oliver Peppercorn Twist | Adoptable puppy in Orange County, CA

Our Mission

​We serve low income, high crime rate communities located in, but not limited to, Los Angeles, California and portions of Texas. These areas are saturated with homeless, abandoned, and abused “street” dogs. These poor animals are sick, injured, starving, and struggling to survive. They have no voice and they desperately need help.

Ghetto Rescue FFoundation, a 501c3 nonprofit founded by local police, sees these tragic situations daily. We believe that all animals, regardless of their zip code, deserve to thrive. Therefore, we rescue these street dogs, along with dogs in overcrowded, high-kill community shelters. We believe these animals deserve a chance at a new life. We take care of their medical needs, provide their vaccinations, spay/neuter, and through a strict adoption process, we find them safe and loving homes… maybe yours!

Due to the economic instability of the communities we serve, we also provide community shot clinics and fund veterinary services for lower income families, including the homeless population that cherish their pets.


​We have been rescuing dogs for much longer than when we became an official nonprofit. In 2011, we decided to turn our group into an organization. Unfortunately, most of the names we thought of were already taken. We thought of names with words like “gutter dogs” or “street dogs”, but nothing seemed unique enough to what we were doing.

We focus specifically on rescuing dogs from Los Angeles streets and city shelters in different parts of the city, from downtown to south LA and the Pacific coast. As you may know, we are a group of fire, police and civilian personnel. One day, we met a man who lived right across the street from the police station some of us work out of. He was the owner of a dog in grave condition, and we wanted to rescue the dog. After cultivating a relationship with this man, he asked us to care for his dog.

The day that we rescued his dog, he said to us, “Oh good, you’re taking her out of the ghetto.” In that moment, it clicked for us. We liked the idea of naming the organization using the words ghetto, rescue and foundation, but we wanted to take it a step further. We wanted our acronym to be just as playful and specific to our work. That’s why you see two Fs in our name, to associate the sound a dog may make (gruff!) to GRFF.

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