Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ghetto Rescue FFoundation?

We represent a group of regular people with unusual jobs. We are police, fire and civilian personnel dedicating our free time to helping animals and families in need. Most of us work in the lower income areas of the greater Los Angeles area. We come across animals in every situation imaginable that need someone to care enough to act on their behalf. We try to.

The people helping these animals have no personal gain other than doing the right thing. We are a nonprofit. For years we have been working only through word of mouth, along a network of people who feel the same way about helping animals in need. We ask only that you spread the word by pressing the “like” button. That way, when we post a puppy you can help spread the word.

Tell someone you know who’s looking, or re-post it on your wall so your friends can see. You never know who’s heart and home are open to an addition to their family, or can who foster a puppy who’s waiting for a great home.

Thank you for helping us connect people and animals.

If I Adopt, How Big Will My Rescued Puppy Get?

We have no idea how big your rescued puppy adoption will get. If you are constrained by a restriction where you live on size and weight of an animal, we would encourage you to wait to adopt until you have adequate space for your new addition. Please remember we are a rescue, not a dog breeder, and we cannot predict how big puppies will get.

Can You Help Me Find a Home for My Pet?
We are so sorry for you and your pet, but unfortunately we simply do not have the resources to take owner-relinquished dogs. Before turning to a rescue, have you exhausted all other options? Ask friends, family and neighbors and talk to your local shelter about resources and message boards. You can also post your dog on
Help! I Found a Lost Dog! What Do I Do?

The first thing that you should do is check to see if the dog has a collar with its owner’s contact information on it. If not, you can either take the dog to a vet, where a professional can check for a possible microchip for the dog, or take the dog to a shelter. Taking a dog to the shelter is the best possible solution if you don’t have access to the owner’s contact information.

Taking a dog to a shelter will accomplish the following:

  • The first thing that a dog owner will do is search for their lost dog at a shelter. It is best to place the dog at the nearest shelter where you found the dog, not what’s most convenient for you. Doing this will ensure that the dog owner may have an opportunity to find their missing dog where it was last seen.
  • If you form an attachment to a lost dog, taking it to the shelter will ensure that you give it the opportunity to be reconnected to its owner, if it has one. If the dog is not claimed, you will have the opportunity to legally adopt it.

When taking a dog to a shelter, be sure to take a photo of it and leave your contact number so that the shelter may contact you for any questions.

Do You Support Long-Distance Adoptions?

Unfortunately, no. Because we are committed to the long-term success of our rescues, its imperative that we meet each prospective family in-person prior to facilitating an adoption. This means that unless you are within a 5 hour drive of Los Angeles, California, we are not able to facilitate adoptions.

Where Can I See One of Your Rescues?

GRFF does not have a physical location/facility. We use mostly trusted foster homes to care for our rescues because board care can be stressful for most dogs, but especially those who haven’t had a stable living environment. While we do board some of our dogs, for the most part we are going to ask you to fill out an application even to meet our pups in person before we’ll give out a foster home address.

How Does the Adoption Process Work?
  1. Search for the rescued dog you’d like to adopt on our available adoptions page.
  2. Complete and submit an adoption application.
  3. Application will be reviewed and processed by the GRFF Adoption Committee.
  4. A GRFF representative may contact you to set up a home check if the application is fully completed and deemed qualifiable for adoption.
  5. A successful match will be determined by experienced members of GRFF and often a trainer. Either way, you will be contacted to learn if the adoption will be a good fit or not.
What Should I Expect When Adopting a Rescued Dog?

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we find our rescued dogs a FUREVER home, so that they’ll never have to face abuse and neglect for their rest of their lives. What this means is that we strive to be meticulous and ensure that the adoption is a good fit between dog and adopter.

When thinking about adopting a rescued dog, please consider the following:

  • We will be transparent when communicating all of the details that we are aware of in regards to the dog you’d like to adopt.
  • We do our best to learn as much as we can about a rescued dog for as long as they are under our care.
  • Please note that we are not trainers and we can’t predict a rescued dog’s habit once removed from its foster home.
  • To ensure a smooth transition for your new adoption, we suggest investing in a trainer. Please check back for more information on our trainer recommendations.
What Types of Animals Do You Rescue?
At this time, GRFF only participates in rescuing dogs and puppies in the greater Los Angeles area.

Can you help rescue a dog outside of the greater Los Angeles area?

Although we wish to help every dog that we can, rescuing a dog outside of our local area can sometimes prove to be difficult and increases the amount of support and resources needed to manage a long distance rescue. To search for a rescue in your area, type in “dog rescue near me” in your search engine for a list of your closest rescue agencies.

Where Do the Dogs Live?

Because we don’t have our own facility (yet) our pups are living in foster homes graciously provided through our foster network. Our foster parents live throughout Los Angeles/Orange County and give us great insights into our pups likes, needs, and dispositions. We’re sure you’ll agree that living in a loving foster home is preferable to a cold shelter floor.

Can I Foster a Dog?

Do you have a love for dogs that makes you believe you would make a great foster parent? We look for a few things of our potential foster parents:

  • Secure Yard
  • Basic Dog Knowledge
  • Room for another dog
  • Flexibility for phone calls or adoptions
  • Proactive in ensuring all rescued dogs receive proper care when needed (fostering is free and GRFF covers all associated costs in caring for dog)

If you feel that you meet these criteria, please contact us.

How Much Is the Adoption Fee?

We ask for a donation of $300 for puppies and adult dogs. This donation helps defray the costs of spay/neuter, shots and microchip. To be considered for an adoption grant, please fill out the adoption application to start the process.

Can You Recommend a Southern California Veterinarian?

We recommend the following veterinarian services for low-cost, quality animal care:

Dr. Samuel Park, DVM
Anaheim Animal Care & Pet Hospital
116 S Magnolia St Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 527-9292